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Aaron Marciniak


Aaron Marciniak is an American actor who has lived and worked in Los Angeles for the past ten years. A natural talent, with an edgy, striking presence on and off camera. He is quickly establishing himself as a powerful and dynamic film/television actor, who brings a unique depth to every character that he plays. “Aaron Marciniak is a rare breed of actor. He is extremely smart and extremely malleable all with the look of a leading man. He's edgy. You want to know what makes him tick. So when he bares his soul in front of the camera your helpless to look away.” (Royston Innes). He has starred in an array of short films, features and TV series, including his break out role as Jake Struthers, in the Amazon Prime western “Dead Men”. Aaron has studied acting since 2007 with focuses on both Stanislavski and Meisner techniques and has also studied other prominate techiques with prestigeous Hollywood instructors such as method acting with Margie Haber. Currently Aaron is prepping for several acting roles in features filming in both the US and Canada in 2019.