“Aaron Marciniak is a rare breed of actor. He is extremely smart and extremely malleable all with the look of a leading man. He's edgy. You want to know what makes him tick. So when he bares his soul in front of the camera your helpless to look away.”

Royston Innes
Director of Dead Men


A natural talent, with an edgy, striking presence on and off camera. He is quickly establishing himself as a powerful and dynamic film/television actor, who brings a unique depth to every character that he plays. Noted as someone who is so captivating you cannot take your eyes off him.
Aaron is known for his role as Jake Struthers, the renegade and prodigal son, the loose canon and the rising hero in his leading performance in Dead Men a western distributed by Sony and Vision Films on Prime Video. He has also played the telepathic, unapologetically arrogant detective in the comic book series Occult Generation. A Russian spy and father in I Love Your Moves, the boyfriend and lost lover in short films such as Bitter Conduct and The Traveling Habits of Love and the Vietnam war veteran suffering from PTSD and a mystical guardian, Gabriel in the fantastical film Traveler of The East. Aaron is both versatile and embodies the leading man. With overwhelming positive audience reviews and an aggressive upward momentum in the industry with 5 leading roles slated to film in 2019, Marciniak is someone to watch for.

“He fully embodied parts of our character that we never imagined. His attention to detail and his ability to take direction made our collaboration with Aaron truly special.”

Occult Generation l Director l Writer

-Ryan Fukuda



Aaron has worked on many features, web and short projects over the years. Currently seen on Amazon Prime Video Streaming with several projects slated for next year. More info coming soon.

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    Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1988 and raised in Ozark, MO. Second oldest of seven siblings, child of Biomedical Engineer, Mike Marciniak and stay at home mom, Carolyn Marciniak. Despite many obstacles growing up; extreme case of asthma, near death hospitalizations and more, Aaron has always fought to be his own person without limitation.
      Aaron was a born an artist and a dreamer, as a child he was always drawing, writing and inventing, eventually winning national contests. When he wasn't creating he was always outdoors, riding horses a working on the farm despite his extreme case of asthma. Aaron grew into a highly sought after football player, recruited by Princeton and other Universities, though coming out of high school he grew restless with a desire to seek more and challenge his artistic side. Aaron hung up his cleats and moved to LA in an attempt to pursue an acting and film career, despite protests from friends and family. "I have always believed in being my own person and doing what I know in my heart is true to me, despite what everyone else does around me. Just because "it's what people do" doesn't mean it's the right thing for me."
   Marciniak would endure financial hardship, addiction, homelessness but never stopping the study and pursuit of acting. “ When others would do two days a week I would do five and study on my free time, constantly writing and developing challenging characters, going places people aren't normally comfortable with. I will only go as far as I push myself, when you want something there is never an excuse big enough to stop you.” It was this experience that led Aaron to really dig into the process of acting and to truly deepen his discovery; develop his craft, discovering a natural talent that has become the driving force in his demanding and rewarding career.
   Currently, Aaron Marciniak is a leading actor in the Sony released, "Dead Men" and is slated to perform leads in “The Legend Of Coffee Creek”, "Burn Over” and “Spiral Down” , and several others to be announced later this year. Learn more at www.aaronmarciniak.com


In 2019 Aaron plans to start helping others more and putting himself in a position to elevate other young creatives.

"It is often a difficult journey to be yourself in a world that tells you to be everything but that. It's a lonely path and the road less traveled but I can guarantee you it is the path that is most rewarding and fulfilling."

-Aaron Marciniak